Research Interest

Yunbo "WILL" Zhang's research is rooted in the fields of geometric modeling and optimization. He started his Ph.D. research with 3D surface parameterization and developable surface modeling and created computer-aided design (CAD) tools based on the algorithm he developed for the garment industry. During his postdoctoral studies, he stepped into the human-computer interaction (HCI) community and made contributions to it with his expertise in CAD and solid modeling. Centered on humans, Dr. Zhang’s research enables users, especially novices, to express their creativity using intuitive and easy-to-use CAD tools to design and fabricate personalized products. These research works fill the gap between emerging fabrication processes (e.g., additive manufacturing, laser cutting, and CNC machining) and novice users and democratize engineering design and fabrication. 

Dr. Zhang’s current research has focused on interactive generative design tools for both optimimality and the expression of designers’s intents. Dr. Zhang will dedicate his efforts to the core modeling methods and intuitive interactions for the next generation of CAD tools. He envisions that the next generations of CAD tools should become designers smart partners, which both support designers (especially novices) to express their high-level design intents and take care of the complex, deciduous, and yet important tasks, such as optimality, functionality, fabricability requirements, etc. Specifically, his three current research interests include: 1) interactive and intuitive next-generation generative CAD tools for both novice and experienced designers; 2) computational methods for emerging manufacturing processes, including robot-based additive manufacturing (AM) and functional AM; and 3) geometric-based depth information enhancement for human-robot interaction (HRI) and extended reality (XR) applications. 

Dr. Zhang has made contributions to multiple communities, including geometric modeling, CAD and solid modeling, HCI, and design and manufacturing. He published papers in the top journals and conferences of those communities, including JCAD, JMD, IEEE TVCG, IEEE CGA, C & G, CGForum, IEEE CVPR, ACM CHI, ACM UIST, and IEEE TASE. He serves as an associate editor of the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, a Topics Board Member of the Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing, and a member of the international program committee of the Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling (SPM). Dr. Zhang also worked on several guest editorships, including: the special issue on Smart and Advanced Manufacturing of the Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing, the special issue on Computational Fabrication of Computers & Graphics, the special issue on Augmented Reality Applications in Smart Manufacturing of the Journal of Manufacturing Systems, and the special issue on Technologies for Human Centric Free-form Products of Computer-aided Design and Applications.

Computational Design & Manufacturing

Related Publication: 
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Geometric Modeling & Computer Graphics and Computer Vision



Related Publication:

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Human Computer Interaction


Related Publication:

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AR/VR in Manufacturing/Smart Manufacturing








Related Publication:

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