LEAF: An Augmented Reality Interactive System for Robot Learning via Manipulation Field

RADAR: Robotics Assembly by Demonstration via Augmented Reality

Self-supervised 6-DoF Robot Grasping by Demonstration via Augmented Reality Teleoperation System

“I Can See Your Password”: A Case Study About Cybersecurity Risks in Mid-Air Interactions of Mixed Reality-Based Smart Manufacturing Applications

HAR2bot: A Human-centered Augmented Reality Robot Programming Method with the Awareness of Cognitive Load

An Immersive World - An Interview with Peggy Smedley on The Peggy Smedley Show

Error Management-based VR Training for CNC Milling Set-up

An Augmented Reality-assisted Human Robot Interaction System | First view Dome Video

AR assisted Smart Factory Management

Introduction of an AR System for Robot Programming

AR-assisted Maintenance & Repairing

Shape Structuralizer: Design, Fabrication, and User-driven Iterative Refinement of 3D Mesh Models


iSoft: A Customizable Soft Sensor with Real-time Continuous Contact and Stretching Sensing


WireFab: Mix-Dimension Modeling and Fabrication for 3D Mesh Models


An Interactive Product Customization Framework for Freeform Shapes


TRing: Instant and Customizable Interactions with Objects Using an Embedded Magnet and a Finger-Worn Device


RealFusion: An Interactive Workflow for Repurposing Real-World Objects towards Early-stage Creative Ideation


CardBoardiZer: Creatively Customize, Articulate and Fold 3D Mesh Models


RevoMaker: Enabling Multi-directional and Functionally-embedded 3D Printing using a Rotational Cuboidal Platform


4D Printing for Freeform Surfaces: Design Optimization of Origami Structures


Surface-from-Gradients: An Approach Based on Discrete Geometry Processing


Deformation with Enforced Metrics on Length, Area and Volume


From Styling Design to Products Fabricated by Planar Materials


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